Construction’s done!

avenida de roma construction, dec2010

Earlier this year we talked about how the street in front of our house was a construction site. We knew this when we rented it, but didn’t mind because our actual apartment faces an interior patio and we couldn’t hear the noise. We got used to having to use a different route ever time we drove out of the garage for a while, and hearing drilling and the gears of tractors as we left the house. But a couple weeks ago they finished! And now Avenida de Roma, a wide avenue by Barcelona standards, is filled with spaces for children to play, and park benches, and space to wander. They’re still finishing planting grass and trees, but otherwise it’s done. We’re definitely glad they finished in time for us to enjoy our last couple months here a little more.

avenida de roma post construction, mar2010

avenida de roma post-construction, mar2010

By the way, for our American readers, notice the paving stones Juanjo’s standing on here. They are laid by hand, each one. And wherever there are irregular corners or lightposts or anything else, they are sawed by hand right there at the construction site. There were days in December when every time we left the house we heard the sound of a saw on stone, and saw the workers cutting and laying the street, one stone by one stone. Very different from the asphalt laid on our streets back home!