Christmas 2009

zocodover christmas lights, 2009

With visitors, 2 trips to Toledo, and getting back to work it has taken me a while to post about this year’s holidays. But I’ve been wanting to, because they were great, and because we took a lot of pictures. I missed my family and friends back home a lot, and was feeling it especially on Christmas eve. So Juanjo and I took a walk through Toledo, taking pictures of the Christmas lights (really pretty this year!) and looking for hot chocolate. We ran into one of his old teachers who took this picture of us.

us in zocodover, christmas 2009

I really started feeling the spirit of Christmas with the family. As is tradition, we had dinner with family (as well as the priest Don Juan, a friend of the family), then went to midnight mass in the Cathedral (the main altar, where we took pictures at our wedding). It was a beautiful mass, I especially loved the boys choir singing Christmas carols. Then the next day, on Christmas, we had lunch with family again, and some family friends. The food was delicious and beautifully prepared as always (Thank You Marisa!), and the fire in the fireplace made everything feel cozy and homey (Thank You Tino!).

marisa, Christmas 2009 beautiful food, Christmas 2009

the fireplace, Christmas 2009 Tino and Yaya, Christmas 2009

Tino, Christmas 2009 Juanjo, Christmas 2009

Marisa and her mom, Christmas 2009

A post soon with a New Year’s wrapup, and some pictures from Mealani and Melanie’s visit.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    MUY BONITAS TODAS LAS FOTOGRAFIAS,Tmbien me ha gustado mucho los relatos o comentarios que as hecho sobre vuestra estancia en Tpledp durante las pasadas navidades.Recibe un fuerte beso. P.d. Se me olvidABA NO TENGO LA DIRECCION DE LA LISTA DE JUANJO EN AMAZON.TENGO QUE HACER UNA COMPROBACION DE LIBROS.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Por fin hiciste un hueco para poder escribir , con tanto jaleo tenias un poco de atraso. Muy bonitas las fotos y los relatos. Ahora a descansar un poco. Besos

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