Giggles and Fun

Little one, 12-19-09

Middle one, 12-19-09

Big brother, 12-19-09 Big brother, 12-20-09

We had lunch with César and Teresa in Madrid yesterday, and as usual had a blast with the kids. Cesar vacummed after the made a mess of their dessert, and they all three wanted to be “vacummed” up. It caused quite a ruccus on the couch. And then when we got there they were building a fort in one corner of the room. Ahh the delight of building forts when we were little. I realized yesterday that my little brother and sister and I were similar in age as these three. We had older siblings, but the three of us were closest in age, and played a lot together. Forts in the living room were common in our living rooms in the winter!

We’re in Toledo now for 10 days, drove here Friday and are staying through Christmas. It’s a lot colder than usual right now across Spain, though we probably won’t get a white Christmas (it only snows once a year at most in Toledo, and there was a big snow last week). It was clear and sunny today, and we did get out for a walk, which felt great.

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