Happy 90th Birthday

Birthday cake, 10-31-09 Yaya and Doll, 10-31-09

Juanjo’s grandma turned 90 this past weekend! We celebrated with a special mass in the Cathedral in Toledo (Virgen del Sagrario Chapel, same as our wedding) and then a lunch nearby. She is an amazing woman, and it was an honor to be part of the celebration for her.

Juan Carlos, Yaya and Marisa

Born in 1919, she lived through the Spanish Civil War, the Franco years, the transition to democracy. She lost her husband young (46), and heryoungest son when he was just 52. Yet she makes an effort to laugh, to love, to be present with us all. She dresses beautifully, walks around town slowly but mostly independently. She jokes and smiles and keeps the conversation going.

Family Photo, 10-31-09

I hope to be as sharp, healthy and present as Josefina at age 90!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    aweee I love all the pictures! So special to have mom and dad there!!

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