Monasterio de Piedra

By the Waterfall, 10-30-09Waterfalls around every corner. Fall leaves rushing over mossy rocks. Late afternoon light and mild, warm weather. Reflections of red mountainsides in pools of water. Jumping trout. And a monastery built in the 12th century, nestled into the hillside.

Walk along the waterfall, 10-30-09

Yesterday we drove from Barcelona to Toledo, and stopped halfway to visit the Monasterio de Piedra, a park and monastery in the province of Aragon. Our lungs filled with clean fall air as we hiked past waterfalls and over rocks. What a spectacular afternoon.

Juanjo, 10-30-09

Canyon, 10-30-09

Monasterio de Piedra, 10-31-09

Us, 10-30-09

Thank you to Tino, Juanjo’s dad, who gave us the idea for the trip; we loved it!

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