University #2: Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

The Autonoma University is far outside the city of Barcelona, up through the hills, across many small towns. It’s about a 30-minute train ride, a little bit longer than my commute to Berkeley from San Francisco. I had an appointment with a professor there yesterday, and spent the day working in the library and then attending a Master’s thesis presentation. My contact gave me a lot of helpful resources and people to talk with, and some good feedback on my proposal. They also might have office space for me, which would be really great.

The campus is immense, and very confusing. This picture is one of the more picturesque corners. I asked for directions to the Geography Department (where my professor is based) and the person actually told me to follow the red painted line on the floor (there was a green line going in another direction). I did and it worked, but it made me laugh that they need lines to give people directions, that’s how confusing the buildings are! They have a very nice library too, which I expect I’ll work in. In general I expect I’ll go there more if they are able to give me office space, especially during the first month of my study while I’m looking for schools to observe and spending more time at my desk. Once I’m out in schools I’ll probably spend less time at either university, only going for classes or lectures.

I feel really lucky with how nice everyone has been to me, and helpful with my project. Hopefully it keeps going so well!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    No sabes lo contento que estoy al leer tus primeras impresiones sobre la visita que as realizado a la Universidad.Tu te mereces todo lo que te esta pasando ya que tu esfuerzo es muy grande. Aunque creo que lo mejor que os ha pasado a los dos ha sido cuando osconocisteis. muchos besos

  2. Alethea Sussex Says:

    Wow looks so pretty!! That would be awesome if you got a office space! The campus picture reminds me of Italy, when i went to school there, the campus was so confusing and spread out. In time and getting lost a few times i’m sure you’ll get to knwo your way around:)

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