University #1: Pompeu Fabra

During my Fulbright time in Barcelona I’m going to be working with professors from two universities, hopefully attending some classes at both (as an “alumno oyente”, which like auditing), and going to seminars and lectures. Today I got a tour of the first place, which is near the Ciutadella park in the center of Barcelona. I immediately fell in love with this library, and expect I’ll be spending a lot of time there. It’s in an old water deposit building, and the tables all sit right below these arches. Stunning.

There’s an elementary school next door, and while I was sitting and working this morning I heard a huge crash, and then all the kids scream in unison. Again and again. It was thunder, and torrential rain. I laughed as I sat there, listening to the rain and claps of thunder, followed by a collective scream of about 100 10 year olds. Then I waited for a while at the door of the university building (where these two pictures are taken), waiting for the rain to pass. Finally gave up and bought an umbrella. If we bring it back to the States with us, it will join the Harvard golf umbrella that we have from the downpour that hit the day we visited Harvard Business School.

Tomorrow I go to the Autonoma University of Barcelona. Juanjo had his first day of class today too. We’ll have to post more pictures soon!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Observo que esta lloviendo en barcelona, que cambio mas radical habeis tenido con el tiempo.Tambien teneis cambios importantes en vuestras vidas, aprovechar las ocasiones que estais disfrutando, para ser mejores personas y que la sociedad se aproceches de vuestros conocimientos.muchos besos y a trabajar.

  2. Kimmie Says:

    So beautiful! Gosh sis you are so blessed! Wishing you all the best in your studies, you will do wonderful! Love you!

  3. Alethea Sussex Says:

    How fun it is to study in a differnet place i’m sure:) Good luck, tell Juan good luck with his studies too!

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