Os suena?

October 20th, 2011

Los dĆ­as que Juanjo no tiene juntas a la hora de comer, lleva su comida de casa. Os suena la bolsita que usa? šŸ˜‰


Days when Juanjo doesn’t have lunch meetings he takes his lunch in this funny little bag his mom used to carry snacks on her last trip here.

Kitchen “Garden”

January 24th, 2010

perejil, 1-24-10 perejil, 1-24-10

On our last visit to Toledo Juanjo’s dad planted these parsley plants for me, and packed them up in the car for the trip back to Barcelona. When I first cooked with them I was worried they wouldn’t make it because they were drying out, but then I clipped and watered them, and put them back on the balcony. And they are flourishing, giving us delicious fresh parsley with anything we cook. It’s especially great because we eat at home a lot more here than we did back in San Francisco. (No yummy burritos around the corner ;-))

I’ve been talking for a long time about how I want a kitchen garden with herbs and this is a nice start, even if it is temporary and only two plants!

Thank you!

September 7th, 2009

For my birthday Juanjo planned a surprise day in Madrid that included a visit to the Prado Museum (to the permanent collections, including Goya and Velazquez; Sorolla was sold out). Then we had lunch, walked around, tried to get tickets to a ballet, and ended up seeing a play. We stayed in Madrid until about 1 and it was the first time I really loved Madrid. So many people out, walking around, kids playing, outdoor cafes full, warm air with a slight breeze. It was beautiful!

Then on my real birthday yesterday we had a special family lunch, including a delicious fish that Juanjo’s Mom made. I talked to lots of people and spent time with my wonderful husband. Looking ahead, this year is going to be a big one for both of us. Having my birthday at the beginning and Juanjo’s near the end (April 2nd) feels like bookends to a collection of adventures just the two of us before we settle down.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday calls and good wishes!

Olive Trees

September 3rd, 2009

Walked around the property here at Juanjo’s parents today, taking some pictures. I was amazed to find that so many of the olive trees were loaded down with fruit. Somehow I had never imagined them as bearing real olives, always just noticed how pretty they were. IĀ  guess I’d never been here in the fall either, when the fruit matures. Maybe someday I’ll try and cure some of them, use Rose’s recipe. Perhaps when I’m done with the Ph.D. and we’ve got kids that can help me gather them (or play outside making forts while I pick them). šŸ˜‰

Anyone else ever pick and cure olives?

14 Melons from VillacaƱas

September 1st, 2009

Yesterday Marisa came home with a car full of melons from a friend who lives in VillacaƱas, a pueblo near Toledo. Every year this lady gives Marisa some of her abundant crop. People say the area around Quintanar is one of the best climates for melons. And oh what melons! Sweet, juicy, crunchy, deliciousness. We’ve already eaten nearly 3!