University #2: Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

September 16th, 2009

The Autonoma University is far outside the city of Barcelona, up through the hills, across many small towns. It’s about a 30-minute train ride, a little bit longer than my commute to Berkeley from San Francisco. I had an appointment with a professor there yesterday, and spent the day working in the library and then attending a Master’s thesis presentation. My contact gave me a lot of helpful resources and people to talk with, and some good feedback on my proposal. They also might have office space for me, which would be really great.

The campus is immense, and very confusing. This picture is one of the more picturesque corners. I asked for directions to the Geography Department (where my professor is based) and the person actually told me to follow the red painted line on the floor (there was a green line going in another direction). I did and it worked, but it made me laugh that they need lines to give people directions, that’s how confusing the buildings are! They have a very nice library too, which I expect I’ll work in. In general I expect I’ll go there more if they are able to give me office space, especially during the first month of my study while I’m looking for schools to observe and spending more time at my desk. Once I’m out in schools I’ll probably spend less time at either university, only going for classes or lectures.

I feel really lucky with how nice everyone has been to me, and helpful with my project. Hopefully it keeps going so well!

University #1: Pompeu Fabra

September 14th, 2009

During my Fulbright time in Barcelona I’m going to be working with professors from two universities, hopefully attending some classes at both (as an “alumno oyente”, which like auditing), and going to seminars and lectures. Today I got a tour of the first place, which is near the Ciutadella park in the center of Barcelona. I immediately fell in love with this library, and expect I’ll be spending a lot of time there. It’s in an old water deposit building, and the tables all sit right below these arches. Stunning.

There’s an elementary school next door, and while I was sitting and working this morning I heard a huge crash, and then all the kids scream in unison. Again and again. It was thunder, and torrential rain. I laughed as I sat there, listening to the rain and claps of thunder, followed by a collective scream of about 100 10 year olds. Then I waited for a while at the door of the university building (where these two pictures are taken), waiting for the rain to pass. Finally gave up and bought an umbrella. If we bring it back to the States with us, it will join the Harvard golf umbrella that we have from the downpour that hit the day we visited Harvard Business School.

Tomorrow I go to the Autonoma University of Barcelona. Juanjo had his first day of class today too. We’ll have to post more pictures soon!

Juanjo Guapo

June 2nd, 2009

Juanjo en traje para ir a una charla de la escuela de negocios en San Francisco. Llevaba el traje que comprasteis con el de la boda. Se acaba de ir y pense “igual le gustara a sus padres verle hoy”. Asi que aqui teneis la foto. Cuando hablamos con el video? Mañana? Llamanos si no nos ves, últimamente se nos olvida ponernos con el messenger por la noche.

Foto de una charla

May 29th, 2009

Esto fue de una charla que di a finales de marzo, con mi tutora. Fue para un dia de investigacion en la facultad de educación. Hable sobre el proyecto en que trabajo con mi tutora. Se me ocurre ponerla aqui porque estoy intentando poner cosas en el blog mas a menudo.

Besos, hablamos en el fin de semana! Estaré con mi hermana pequeña Alethea porque le sacan las muelas de juicio….

Lo facil: Que ponerme.

May 11th, 2009

Queria una camisa nueva, y encontre una bonita en una tienda al lado de casa. Te acuerdas del traje, Marisa? Lo dificil: Hacer todo bien, contestar las preguntas, demostrar todo que he estudiado. Quedan dos dias y no me siento lista, pero he estudiado muchisimo y se que voy a hacerlo lo mejor que pueda.

Muchos besos a todo el mundo que tengo olvidado. En pocos dias me convierto en persona otra vez con amigos y familia que llamo… Por fin llega el dia!