Friends with Money (2006)

May 31st, 2006

What to do when the beautiful girlfriend is out of town and you want to kill some time? Well, if you have worked enough on everything you’re supposed to be doing you take a walk downtown and catch Nicole Holofcener’s Friends with Money (2006) at the Embarcadero Landmark, of course!
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Movies to see

July 12th, 2005

So we want to keep a list of movies to see (recommendations as well, don’t be shy and comment with your suggestions!)


  • The Fountain [imdb]
  • Down in the Valley [imdb]
  • Chloe in the Afternoon [imdb]
  • Water [imdb] (Fire, Earth)


  • War of the Worlds [imdb]
  • Heights [imdb]
  • Mar Adentro/The Sea Inside [imdb]
  • Wedding Crashers [imdb] (the Vince Vaughn charm from Swingers is losing its charm …)