Padre guapo

September 3rd, 2011

Cuidando la piscina cuando estabamos allí este agosto, como hace todos los días en el verano. Nos gusta mucho esta foto!

La Virgen del Sagrario

August 15th, 2011

Hoy ha sido el Dia de la Virgin del Sagrario, patróna de Toledo. Es un día en que viene gente de los pueblos, incluso de Madrid, para ir a misa en la Catedral y beber el agua de la Virgen. Este año coincide que esta semana es la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud en Madrid, y viene el Papa, así que Toledo ha estado llenísima de gente.

Marisa, que es presidenta de Caritas Diocesana y también vicepresidenta de la Esclavitud de la Virgen del Sagrario, ha tenido mucho trabajo esta última semana. Hoy ha hecho su labor mas bonita para nosotros, porque ha leído en la misa mas importante de la Catedral. !Y que bién ha leido!

    Yo he ido con abánico y agua, pero aún con eso no aguantaba el calor que generaban las miles de personas en la Catedral. Es la tercera vez ya que me mareo en misa con el embarazo; no puedo con el calor. Después de oirle a Marisa, salí y fui a casa de la Yaya para recuperarme y ver el resto de la misa con ella en la televisión.

    Aquí están Marisa y Tino todo guapos después de recogerme a mi en casa de la Yaya.

    Tendre que ver la misa entera y la procesión dentro de la Catedral otro año …

    Christmas 2009

    January 14th, 2010

    zocodover christmas lights, 2009

    With visitors, 2 trips to Toledo, and getting back to work it has taken me a while to post about this year’s holidays. But I’ve been wanting to, because they were great, and because we took a lot of pictures. I missed my family and friends back home a lot, and was feeling it especially on Christmas eve. So Juanjo and I took a walk through Toledo, taking pictures of the Christmas lights (really pretty this year!) and looking for hot chocolate. We ran into one of his old teachers who took this picture of us.

    us in zocodover, christmas 2009

    I really started feeling the spirit of Christmas with the family. As is tradition, we had dinner with family (as well as the priest Don Juan, a friend of the family), then went to midnight mass in the Cathedral (the main altar, where we took pictures at our wedding). It was a beautiful mass, I especially loved the boys choir singing Christmas carols. Then the next day, on Christmas, we had lunch with family again, and some family friends. The food was delicious and beautifully prepared as always (Thank You Marisa!), and the fire in the fireplace made everything feel cozy and homey (Thank You Tino!).

    marisa, Christmas 2009 beautiful food, Christmas 2009

    the fireplace, Christmas 2009 Tino and Yaya, Christmas 2009

    Tino, Christmas 2009 Juanjo, Christmas 2009

    Marisa and her mom, Christmas 2009

    A post soon with a New Year’s wrapup, and some pictures from Mealani and Melanie’s visit.

    Sunday Walk Under The Pines

    November 15th, 2009

    Juanjo and Tino, 11-15-09A mild fall morning in Toledo today, after a little rain last night. We took a walk with Juanjo’s dad in a park nearby, just a few streets away from their house. Good to get outside together!

    It’s been a weekend of being home in Toledo. Catching up on sleep after the long drive on Friday, working on the couch tonight, lunch with Grandma today, shopping with Juanjo’s mom yesterday (just her and I went to Madrid and found some great additions to our wardrobes.).  It’s a treat to be able to take part in family life in Toledo this year, coming every weekend we can!

    Us under the pines, 11-15-09

    Happy 90th Birthday

    November 3rd, 2009

    Birthday cake, 10-31-09 Yaya and Doll, 10-31-09

    Juanjo’s grandma turned 90 this past weekend! We celebrated with a special mass in the Cathedral in Toledo (Virgen del Sagrario Chapel, same as our wedding) and then a lunch nearby. She is an amazing woman, and it was an honor to be part of the celebration for her.

    Juan Carlos, Yaya and Marisa

    Born in 1919, she lived through the Spanish Civil War, the Franco years, the transition to democracy. She lost her husband young (46), and heryoungest son when he was just 52. Yet she makes an effort to laugh, to love, to be present with us all. She dresses beautifully, walks around town slowly but mostly independently. She jokes and smiles and keeps the conversation going.

    Family Photo, 10-31-09

    I hope to be as sharp, healthy and present as Josefina at age 90!