Campo de fútbol

May 11th, 2011

Aqui teneis el campo de fútbol de Juanjo – el de entresemana. Saque estas fotos hace 2 o 3 semanas; ultimamente no esta apenas jugando, por lluvia o trabajo. El fin de semana pasado le apatecia pero sin agua caliente, se le quitaban las ganas.

Toda la casa de Teambox, por cierto, arriba y abajo, sigue sin gas! El fontanero está trabajando ahora para arreglar mas cosas, porque vino el inspector de la ciudad ayer y decia que habia que hacer mas arreglos. A ver si hay suerte y ya volvemos a la normalidad hoy!

Spring Tease

March 7th, 2010

spring view from montjuic, mar2010

biking in barcelona, mar2010 biking in barcelona, mar2010

Yesterday, a beautiful day. Blue sky, warm sun, spring flowers starting to bloom. We went for a run to Montjuic, our usual route, and then biked back. Glad we got out, because today the rain and dark stormclouds are back!

I’m sure it will get old but…

November 8th, 2009

Montjuic view, 11-8-09

…we are really loving the runs up to Montjuic. We didn’t know it when we chose this house, but the fact that it’s a 10-minute run to the base of the park is really wonderful. We may not be getting out of the house much, but at least we are going on these runs. Today we walked part way, stretched, bundled with an extra layer against the sudden cold and wind. Temperatures have dropped across Spain this weekend, and the accompanying wind is whistling through cracks in the windows as I sit and write this. I’m glad we got out before dark today.

Willow running, 11-8-09 Juanjo running, 11-8-09

Saturday Afternoon in Montjuic

October 24th, 2009

Trees in Montjuic, 10-24-09

Juanjo and I are working most of this weekend (trying to get ahead since my parents arrive Wednesday and we’re taking Friday off). But we took a small break this afternoon to get some exercise and get outside in Montjuic Park. We’ve discovered this great combination: get a Bicing bike by our house, ride to the base of Montjuic park, leave it there, go for a run in the park, and then bike home. If we’re just doing that it takes about 55 minutes. But today we took a little more time, I walked while Juanjo ran, then we wandered around the gardens and the Olympic stadium.

On a run, 10-24-09 Willow being sporty, 10-24-09

I especially loved wandering around the gardens. It turns out there are several, including one that goes way down in this (small) canyon. And another where everything was green except one group of vines.

Eucalyptus trees, 10-24-09 Willow in the garden, 10-24-09

And then there are the installations of Montjuic itself, which hosted the 1992 olympics. The views, the sports facilities, the plazas and fountains, it’s all pretty spectacular….

Calatrava tower, 10-24-09Us in Montjuic, 10-24-09

View from Montjuic, 10-24-09

All in all, an excellent afternoon after a pretty stressful week of work for both of us. Definitely made up for the fact that we’re home at our desks working this weekend!

Twin Peaks with the New Bikes

August 19th, 2007

twin peaks juanjo 3_8-17-07.JPGWe hadn’t been up Twin Peaks yet with the new bikes (replacing the stolen ones), and found a new route that takes a little longer but is easier at the beginning, so on Friday afternoon Juanjo picked me up from the train and we got the bikes and went up. It was a rare afternoon in San Francisco, actually feeling like summer with a mild instead of whipping wind and not a bit of fog anywhere. The new bikes do the job (mine’s not nearly as nice as my old one, but probably just as well because if it gets stolen again I won’t be heartbroken), and the day was so glorious that the stress of the week quickly melted away as we rode up the hill. Not that it was easy, of course! I don’t think it matters how in shape you are, those hills are brutal. But the late afternoon light cut across the golden grassy hillside on the west side of Twin Peaks, blackberries hung heavy from a few brambles along the road, and the temperature was temperate and enjoyable. We enjoyed the ride so much that we then headed down Market all the way to the Ferry Building at the end to extend the fun, enjoy the afternoon, and eat dinner (burger and shake) on a bench by the bay.

twin peaks juanjo 1_8-17-07.JPG